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"Robert, Thank you so much! You are the most fabulous teacher! This was the best, most powerful seminar I have ever heard. I am so excited to get to work and apply all your wonderful advice." Karen Snell, Los Angeles. CA


The following is a personal letter and powerful message from Robert Imbriale. If you do not recognize Robert's name then you are in for a real treat. You are about to read Robert's "from the heart message."
You will find valuable rewards for your time. What rewards? Well this letter should take you 5-10 minutes to read. At the end there a $207. 00 savings. 
OK so you think the discounting is because the product is not really worth $297.00. Well see for yourself - I offer a no risk 100% money back guarantee forever!!.
I would like you to benefit from Robert's experience and very upbeat point of view.  Enjoy!! 
Steve Pohlit
Dear Friend,
There are two things happening on the Internet today. First, there are people who are making incredible money on the Internet, and second there are people who are still trying to figure it all out!
All too often people call me to ask me to have a look at their web site and I dread having to tell them that they've got it all wrong and will have to start all over to create a web site that can really sell.
Some of the most common mistakes include;
- graphics that do nothing to help the sales process
- copy on the site that is boring to read, and doesn't sell
- poor navigation that makes it hard for people to find what they need
- sites that are nothing more than online brochures
- catalogs that are poorly designed and will never sell a single product
- and the list goes on and on
Now these people want to make money on the Internet. What they lack is the proper education as to what to do to make their dreams of running a profitable Internet business a reality.
I see it all the time when I speak in my seminars, or when I consult with my clients one-on-one. And it's never an easy task to tell somebody that the thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours they spent on their web site was in vain! Think about it.

How would you feel?


The good news is that you can learn what it takes to turn your web site into a real moneymaker, no matter what product or service you are selling!
In 1989, I made my very first online sale and I knew then that selling online was going to be the way of the future. That fact is becoming ever more of a reality with each new day.
If you think for a moment that you can ignore the Internet for much longer, your competition will soon be giving you a serious wake-up call when they take away the vast majority of your business by being online!
Even if you are already a web site owner, you must learn how to sell on the Internet before your competition so that you gain their customers before they figure out how to do it first.
I want to help you get the edge. I want to know that you are the owner of a web site that is making you money each and every day. And I want to be the one to teach you what I have learned about selling on the Internet since I began in 1989. By the way, I've already helped sell more than $100 Million in products and services online and I am certain that I can help you too.
Here are some recent successes my clients are having after learning to market their web site using my program.
  • An arts and crafts business has grown more than 400% in the past year. Sales went from less than $200,000/year to over $800,000 primarily due to the marketing they have done on the Internet.
  • A seminar speaker has seen sales go from less than $5,000/month to nearly $75,000/month and that number is projected to hit $100,000/month in the next 6 months.
  • A network marketer purchased my program, listened to every minute of it and built a web site that has helped him build a business that now brings in more than $30,000/month in residual income!
  • And, a housewife in the Midwest has just hit her goal of selling more than $5,000 a month on her web site.
These people are not special. Just like you, they were looking for answers. They wanted strategies they could put into play immediately and get results without having to invest thousands of dollars.
This program is very unique among web training programs because it teaches you, step by step, how to start with nothing and build a web site that really makes money.
Remember The $207.00 Saving Buy Now
You'll begin by learning more about how the Internet is actually set up so that you have a firm grasp of what this thing is and how it works. Then, I will teach you how to build a web site that makes money. We'll start with your home page and we'll work our way through your site, page by page until you have a complete web site.
Each step is clearly illustrated in the accompanying manual so you can see real life examples of web sites that use my powerful marketing strategies.
Once you learn how to build your web site, we're going to look at marketing your site. You'll discover how to use the search engines and get immediate results.
You'll learn about writing ads that get response and finding the best places to place and run your ads.
And, I'll show you how to build a database that you can market to again and again at zero cost to you. You'll discover how to create and use E-books to dramatically increase response to your advertising efforts.
You'll learn how to create a newsletter that makes money each and every time you publish it, even before you send it out!
You'll learn from a seasoned professional, a person who has been out there doing what you are trying to do. In the last 15 years, I have sold more than $100 million dollars of products and services on the Internet and the information I have to share with you is indeed the best of what I have learned.
Imagine being able to tap into what I know and then be able to immediately apply it to your web site. Do you think you'd begin making money with your web site?
This is no pipe dream, I've done it dozens and dozens of times, both from my own web sites as well as for those of my clients. And I will show you how to do it too!
If you've been trying to build a profitable web site, or if you're completely new to the Internet, and are trying to figure out just how to put all the pieces together, you MUST get your hands on this program NOW!
After hearing people from all over the world asking me again and again how to set up a web site that really makes money, I've finally put all the answers into a single program that's absolutely jammed with valuable information!
Here's what you will learn in this program:
  • How the Internet is built and how it really works
  • How to create a web site that sells!
  • How to reach millions of prospects for fractions of a penny without spamming!
  • How the search engines work and how to get them to work for you!
  • How to create your own moneymaking e-zine
  • How to automate your business so your computer does most of the work
  • and much, much more!
In this exclusive program will give ALL THE TOOLS you need now to build a web site that makes money selling virtually anything you choose! I wish I could tell you everything that is included in this program, although it would take dozens and dozens of pages.
I've been selling online since 1989, far longer than most every "Internet Marketing Guru" out there and I KNOW what it takes to make the Internet work! Regardless of the product or service you offer, this program will guide you through the steps of creating a profitable Internet business, either in your spare time, or as a full time profession!
I've been teaching this program to dozens of groups in San Diego and Los Angeles over the past 2 years, and time and time again, I hear of massive successes achieved by the participants of my seminars!
'm not going to tell you that making money on the Internet is easy. It's not. What I will tell you is that if you know the strategies that work, and are willing to put in some time and effort, you will succeed in making a fortune on the Internet!
I'm not into the hype of the Internet, nor am I one to sell you a seminar that won't over deliver on the promise of giving you the secrets, strategies, and tools you need to really succeed online.
With this program, you will get hours of hype-free content recorded live at my recent event on high quality audio CD. You will not believe your ears as you listen to hour after hour of Internet marketing strategies NOT taught by anybody else, anywhere!
Over the past few years, I have been teaching what is considered by many to be the most powerful, to-the-point Internet marketing seminar ever developed on the topic of Internet marketing.
During that time, I have had plenty of requests to bring my seminar to many cities across the US and around the world. Since that wasn't practical, I had to find a way to bring you the information no matter where you were in the world. Now for the very first time this is possible with top quality audio CD's!

How to REALLY Make Money on the Internet

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How I think of the Internet is rather unique. I am not a person who buys into the hype and every latest fad. I make money for myself and my clients on the Internet each and every day. I hold nothing back and I am not shy in telling you when the wool has been pulled over your eyes!
"This was a very informative and well presented seminar with a very sensitive and personal approach. Thank you for taking the time to share with me." Cindy Serochi, San Diego, CA
If you prefer to be involved with a person who will sell you on every latest trend and fad, then this program is NOT for you!
If, on the other hand, you are ready to cut through the hype and get right to making money on the Internet, then I strongly encourage you to order your copy of this powerful seminar on audio CD now!
My live seminars have been very well-attended and those that have been to them have given the program only the highest marks. As I mentioned to you, I don't hold anything back! You get brass-tacks marketing strategies that really work, have worked, and that have been proven time and again to produce massive results.

These are the very tools, strategies, and resources that have
made many companies billions of dollars on the Internet.


In this program, you will learn how to build a web site, launch it and begin making money the same day! This is something that I do regularly with my clients, just to prove to them that making money on the Internet does not have to take months or years. You can do it immediately - if you know how!
"I can't remember ever getting so much value for such a reasonable fee. Thank you so much, Robert!"
- Troy Lassoe, Carlsbad, CA
Not too long ago, I launched a client's web site at 9am. At 10am that very same day, my client checked his e-mail and found that he had already made 4 sales! Was this a fluke? Absolutely not!
You see, there are a few very critical elements that MUST be on your web site in order for your prospects to buy from you. The challenge is that more than 95% of the web sites out there COMPLETELY miss out on these elements, and hence fail to ever make a dime on the web!
"This was very powerful. I appreciated all the information and
I know that you have ideas that work! Very well Presented! Thanks."
- Patricia Romero Las Vegas, NV

Here is your chance to find out what the majority of web site owners simply don't know about marketing on the Internet. Once you discover the Internet marketing process and apply it, you will be making money on the Internet immediately!

On the very first of 6 powerful audio CD's you are going to learn how the Internet is built and how it works. Don't worry, there is nothing technical about this part, or any part of this program for that matter! You'll learn how the Internet works by looking at simple diagrams that clearly explain to you the basics of the Internet - real important stuff for a serious marketer!

On the next CD, you'll discover why less than 5% of the web sites out there are actually making a profit! And, you'll learn a simple system that will allow you to look at any web site and KNOW whether or not it's successful, even if you never speak to its owners!

Then, we'll look at the specific strategies the most successful Internet businesses use and how you can apply them to your own web site, even if you are a one-man show just getting started on a shoestring budget!

"This is the most definitive Direct Marketing on the Internet Seminar I ever attended." Lynn Fooks Los Angeles, CA

You'll learn how to find, evaluate, and monopolize the electronic media that will drive your web sales through the roof!

I'll share the secrets I have uncovered about publishing a newsletter that will make you sales each and every time you publish! And I'll give you the secret to publishing your own newsletter even if you can't write a single sentence!

You'll discover how to profit from the search engines in as little as 24 hours, not the weeks and months most people will tell you it takes to do so! You'll learn the secret of getting top placement in virtually every search engine and maximizing response to your listings using specific words and phrases!

Then, I'll share with you how I've managed to automate my business so that my computers do most of the work. You'll learn what programs I use and for what purpose and you'll have the opportunity to learn firsthand what software you need and what is nothing more than a lot of hype!

"What a great and simple approach to marketing. What I learned tonight is certain to benefit my business indefinitely. I truly see my business increasing many fold with this approach." - M. Clayborne, Los Angeles, CA

On every track of every CD, you will learn powerful strategies that you can apply immediately to your web site. With this program in your hands, you'll not need to wait another day to turn your web site into a real profit center!

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You absolutely cannot fail when you follow the success strategies you'll learn in this incredibly detailed, high energy, information-packed program!

PLUS! You'll get a fully illustrated manual with real life examples of the principles and strategies you'll learn about in the program! Simply follow along with the audio program and you'll have the illustrations, information, and examples mentioned on the CD's right there in front of you with plenty of room for your notes!

So let me ask you this question. If you knew what it took to build a web site that sells, how much would that be worth to you over the next 6 months? Over the next year, or three years.

For most people it is worth tens of thousands of dollars. To others it's in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. And for still others, the number is in the millions. (This program is responsible for 2 new people becoming millionaires already!)

I have personally been paid more than $25,000 to share this information. People who have attended my full day seminar to learn this material have paid $495. Now, you can get this entire program, all 6 high-quality audio CD's plus a 175-page fully illustrated manual for the low price of just $297!

Unconditional Full Money-Back Guarantee!

I am so certain that you will get incredible value out of this program that I will refund your money if you are not completely thrilled with this program!  Anytime you do not feel this program was worth the purchase price, simply repackage all the materials in good unmarked condition and send them back to me. $97.00 will be refunded.

All this for just $97.00? Think about it. Just a few extra sales on your web site will more than cover your investment in this program. And I know that you are going to make more than just a few extra sales with your web site once you learn the information in this incredible program!

Get your copy of this entire program on high quality audio CD with the fully illustrated 175-page course manual for the unheard of price of just $395 (plus tax, shipping and handling)


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It's time you heard the truth about marketing on the Internet. It's time you stopped wasting your money on gimmicks that don't work and start investing in the tools that will make you a fortune on the Internet! Get the facts from somebody who knows it best.

Until we speak, always be outstanding!

Warmest regards,

Robert Imbriale
Your Internet Mentor

PS: Order now and you'll be sent the all-new, fully illustrated manual along with your high-quality audio CD's, all for just $395 (plus shipping and handling)


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