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"Man, Rob! The Millionaire Club is unbelievable!
I'm on board 100%!"

Your calls are so creative, so cutting-edge. And the access to your advice is priceless! For a year! I think I've hit the ultimate jackpot! You give and offer so much, Rob. It's amazing to me - your commitment to our success. You're so right - if we can't make a living on the net with what you share - we're brain dead! This is too much fun!

Take care!
Lisa Preston
Millionaire Club Gold Member

Now, You Too Can Discover. . .

You can't do it all yourself, but with the right advice, support, information, tools, and resources, you'll put the odds heavily in your favor!

Dear Friend,

Aren't you tired of watching other people get wealthy while you struggle looking for ways to make a few extra dollars each month?

Wouldn't it be great if you could be part of an active community where you could unlock the secrets of wealth?

Have you been to all the seminars?

Have you read all the books?

Are you ready for some real results?

If so, you're ready to be part of The Millionaire Club!

In all of my career, one lesson has been the most profound of all; creating wealth is not something you do by yourself.

Virtually all of the wealthiest people in our society today achieved great wealth with the help of others - often times thousands of people working together on a common goal.

Yet for so many of us, working alone and doing things alone has become a way of life. Unfortunately, this is not a way of creating wealth.

It's time for things to change and now you can get help, get information, get training, get tools and resources, and get in touch with people who can really help you succeed in your quest for wealth!

For the past 21 years, I've spent much of my time learning how people went from having virtually nothing to becoming unbelievably wealthy. What I found was that not one of them ever did it alone!

They all had mentors, coaches, associates, partners, and many other supportive people in their lives, all of whom made it possible for them to achieve great wealth.

Now, that's great to know, but honestly, most people have no idea who to turn to for the kind of support and guidance needed to go from where they are today to becoming wealthy.

But how does a person get access to these people if they are just getting started?

Who's going to listen?

And with the price of coaching today, how can a person really afford to get all the support they need?

Today I'm proud to say that after many months of planning, and many more months in programming, the program that provides all the support you'll need and much more is now a reality!

Now, you can join in this program and get unlimited access to the support, knowledge, and people who can help you become wealthy in all areas of your life!

"Robert is a real expert. He has a wealth of information and a sincere and
loving heart to share. He uses the principle of giving as a fundamental tenet. He removes all doubt and years of trial and error."
Mawiyah Clayborne, Ph.D. Los Angeles, CA

"The Millionaire Club"

"The Millionaire Club" is the place where ordinary people come to discover how to become extraordinarily wealthy.

Think about this for a moment. In school, you were taught, not about how to be wealthy, but instead how to be a loyal employee who would be happy making a regular salary while making somebody else rich.

It's time for you to break out of that old box, take charge of your own life, and create wealth beyond belief!

Now for the first time, in one place, you can access top-quality advice from some of the most successful professionals of our day.

You can now interact with people who will support your vision, people who can point you in the right direction, and people who will guide you as you become more and more successful at whatever it is you choose to do in your life.

I hope you'll join me in taking full advantage of everything offered to you as a charter member of The Millionaire Club.

"Awesome information! I know I can apply some
of the things I learned to improve my business."
Kristina Smith, Los Angeles, CA

The information and resources alone in The Millionaire Club are worth thousands to you just in the time they will save you. And you'll have access to some of the best resources available anywhere - many of them are really hard to find and not offered to the general public!

For instance, did you know that there is a company that will lend you unsecured money to start your own business? We found them and now you can access them through The Millionaire Club!

The Millionaire Club has one sole purpose: to provide you with the information and resources you need to build your personal empire. And to do it at a price that allows just about anybody to participate!

Plus, as a member in good standing, you'll be able to enroll others in The Millionaire Club and earn a generous monthly, residual commission on each and every enrollment. This could mean thousands of dollars in residual income to you each month!

"I can't remember ever getting so much value for such
a reasonable fee. Thank you so much, Robert!"
Troy Lassoe, Business Owner, Carlsbad, CA

Choose Your Membership Level

You are where you are today financially and that's the right place for you right now. The Millionaire Club allows you to pick the membership level that's right for you and your current financial situation. There are 3 choices and any of them will give you plenty of value in your quest to create wealth.

Platinum Member

Our top level membership in The Millionaire Club is our Platinum Membership. This is the membership that gives you the best of what The Millionaire Club has to offer.

The biggest and most important piece of the Platinum Membership is the annual Millionaire Retreat held each year at an exclusive resort or cruise ship. This is a 3 to 5 day retreat where you will be surrounded by other Platinum Members, top mentors and self-made millionaires. This is truly an experience not to be missed!

You'll also have unlimited access to all the club's online resources, plus you'll be able to participate in our exclusive Millionaire Mentor teleconference series. As a Platinum Member, you get everything offered in the Gold and Silver Memberships.

Your annual investment as a Platinum Member is just $3,995

Gold Member

As a Gold Member of The Millionaire Club, each week, you'll participate in the Millionaire Mentor teleconference series, an hour-long live teleconference call hosted by either myself or another top professional who will share some of the most advanced strategies for success available. You'll have plenty of time to ask questions, take notes, and meet other Gold members.

You'll also get free admission to The Master Course to Financial Success where you'll uncover the root cause of wealth creation in an entertaining 8-part live teleconference series.

Plus, you'll get to participate in a monthly live Millionaire Mastermind teleconference call. This exclusive call is where your business is put on the hot-seat as up to 10 people brainstorm ways to help you succeed at even higher levels. And, you'll get everything included in the Silver Membership too!

Your annual investment as a Gold Member is just $1,995

Silver Membership

Our Silver Membership is the perfect way to get involved in The Millionaire Club! As a Silver Member, you'll have unlimited access all the online resources of The Club, plus you'll receive the weekly Millionaire-Update newsletter via e-mail.

You'll also have access to the Millionaire-Maker Teleconference that takes place each month and is always very powerful and enlightening! You'll get to meet with other Club members in the forums and you'll have the opportunity to let other members know what you're up to and ask for support any time you need it!

Your annual investment as a Silver Member is just $297.

Plus, as a member in good standing, you'll be able to earn residual commissions on every person you refer who becomes a paying member of The Millionaire Club! That could easily add up to thousands of dollars each month!

The Millionaire Club Offers You 3 Membership Levels

Your Included Member Benefits:
Recurring income opportunity for members only
Full access to our growing audio library of pre-recorded conference calls
Increased affiliate commissions (up to 30%)
Weekly Millionaire-Update E-mail Newsletter
Full access to our growing article library
An interactive forum where you meet and exchange ideas and transact business with fellow members
Special guest teleconference interviews
A comprehensive listing of web sites many millionaires visit and use regularly
Your own account with "POP" e-mail access
Access to dozens of content areas that are being constantly added to and updated
Dozens of free software downloads
Access to product reviews by fellow members
A regularly updated list of preferred vendors for the products and services millionaires use most
Full access to our private & growing E-Book collection
The Millionaire's Library -- an expansive listing of the books millionaires are reading.
Admission to The Master Course to Financial Success ($1,995 value)  
Live monthly Millionaire Mastermind conference call ($1,495 value)  
Weekly Millionaire-Mentor Training Teleconference Series ($1,995 value)  
Invitation to annual Millionaire Retreat held each year at an exclusive resort location or cruise ship    


Robert, Geeeez! Are you crazy! As a Platinum Member I cannot even begin to describe how valuable this membership is to me and my company. This site is like nothing Iíve seen before, and Iíve seen a heck of a lot. I can honestly say that if I had this site at my disposal a year ago, I would have generated an extra $100,000 last year! Youíve done what I thought couldnít be done-Youíve stopped me dead in my tracks and impressed a 15 year veteran of the marketing game. Thanks and God Bless,

Jim Chianese


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Robert Imbriale
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